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You Design and I'll Tackle the Code.

CODE. That one word you love to hate.

When it comes to web design, seems like code just isn't your jam.


In fact, it gotcha feeling incompetent and frustrated. Not to mention the amount of time that seems to slip away while losing profits from the projects you're missing out on.


You find yourself up at night searching Google for a miracle fix. Just hoping and praying the snippet of code you finally stumbled across will resolve the problem.


But after hours of trying to make that piece of code AND numerous others work, you fail.


This happens every. single. time.


You can't keep living your life like this.


And you shouldn't have to deal with code just to profit and produce unique custom web designs.


A tool or weapon of some sort that'll help you combat pesky code is what's needed.


And actually there is. In fact a couple of code fighting tools are available at your disposable.


These tools will get you thriving and living a code-free life. Want in?

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Hello! I'm so pleased to me you!

I am a web developer for graphic designers who are looking to thrive and profit through custom web design. I show you how to offer this service and work alongside a developer so you can focus on what you love the most. You design. I'll tackle the code.


Shereta is doing an amazing job working with me & I'm glad that I was able to give her a chance to get her feet wet in a way that was comfortable. She is doing great things & I know she have even more left in her. Can't wait to see where her coding journey takes her! -Samantha Brook Johnston, Brand Designer/Mentor at Neapolitan Creative

Not Ready to Be Code-Free Yet? I Understand.

Can I tempt you with some FREE resources instead?

I outsourced a client coding project to Shereta and was blown away by her dedication and the final result she gave me and my client. She was quick to respond to requests and asked all the right questions. Even up to the end when the client was asking for things that weren't necessarily included in the original project, Shereta stayed dedicated and finished the job strong. I highly recommend working with her!-Krista Rae of Krista Rae & Co


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