2 No-Brainer Design Services You Should Be Offering Now

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If you're a graphic designer whose been thinking of offering web design services but not ready to make the plunge into a big project (such as a 5 page custom website) then read on this post is for you!

When trying anything new, I like to start off small if possible. Unlike money, you can't get back time. So you don't want to waste it on something that may not work if you can help it.

Therefore starting off with a small project can not only eliminate time loss in the future but help you overcome that fear we get when starting something new. Especially in our business.

Below are two no-brainer custom web design services you can start offering as quickly as today:

Custom Email Template/Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the top ways business owners build a audience online. Many times the standard email templates that come with companies like MailChimp, MadMini, Infusionsoft,etc just doesn't cut it. You can create custom email templates that match their branding ensuring they get their message across in style.

Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are great to use for marketing products and services. There are many tools available that will allow someone to create a landing page and sometimes quickly.

However the templates are just main plain and boring. Offering a custom landing page service will give your clients the opportunity to stand out against their competitors. And you can design it strategically bringing your client massive results for their business.

It's not so hard

That's it! You can easily start implementing these 2 services into your business. And in order to make your design process easier I highly recommend partnering with a developer.

In fact I've recently released my new service offering this week called "Break the Ice".  These two custom web design services I discussed are offered in this package to keep you code-free and focused on design.

Note: I announce new and exciting things to my email subscribers before I post it anywhere else. Learn more about my new service offering as well as grab my FREE guide. It list 2 more design services you can offer along with tips on how to get clients to purchase them.

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