“3 Types of Content All Designers Should be Creating to Earn Money..Now!” -Rita Olds Robinson

Rita Olds-Robinson is a designer and copywriter for creative entrepreneurs. Here her tips on specific content all designers should be writing to generate money. | #websitecontent | #creativeentrepreneur | #Webdesignbusiness | #Webdesigner | #Graphicdesigner |#Webdesign| #Webdesignlayout | #Graphicdesigntips | #Webdesigntips | #Wordpressdesign |#content

In this episode we have Rita Olds Robinson of Heyday Designs. A previous podcast guest and fellow developer Karen Howell introduced me to Rita.

She's a graphic designer turned educator for designers. I'm happy to have her as guest today to talk about how to be more visible by creating strategic content. The tips she gave was more than I expected. You might want to relisten to the episode and take some notes!

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  • Rita's Story - Background¬† [0:01:12]
  • What Success Means [0:02:53]
  • Tips On Offering Custom Web Design [0:06:25]
  • Top Designer Tools [0:09:24]
  • 3 Types of Money-Making Content to Write [0:11:55]
  • Mini Challenge[0:25:32]

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