4 proven strategic web design tips you need to use today

strategic web design

On the latest episode, I chatted with Ashley to discuss some ways you can be more strategic when creating designs for your clients. So to expand on this week’s topic, I’m giving you 4 proven strategic web design tips you need to use today.

Plan before you create your strategic web design

This is an obvious yet very important step when it comes to designing strategically. Actually when you think about it, planning is needed in all aspects of our life. We plan our social media/blog posts, our work schedules and sometimes plan our meals!

The same should be used before you start designing. A great way plan out a strategic web design is by asking key questions in the client questionnaire.

The answers along with what you found during the research process, will give you the information needed to design strategically so your clients website goals are meet.

Here's an example: when I’m given a web design mock-up, my mind immediately starts planning out how I will build/code certain sections of the site.

I ask myself questions like: What tools will be needed? Will I need to use a certain programming language?

Once I’ve gather all the info needed, I’m now ready to effectively plan out the development process so my workflow run smoothly.

Keep the mobile experience in mind

Did you know that according to statistics, about 63% of visitors use their mobile devices vs desktop?

When I’m short on time and not near my laptop, I personally like to write rough drafts of my blog/social media posts on my iPhone. As well as browse and shop for things online.

I bet your client visitors will be accessing their website via a mobile device too. Making sure your strategic web design includes the mobile experience will ensure the site is converting regardless of how they view it.

CTA's (call to actions) are the money makers

CTA's start the conversion process, these buttons lead the way to where you want the visitor to go. It’s one of the effective ways to get a visitor to do what you need to when they land on the website.

Depending on the goals of the website, use them to gather data from your client visitors. An example would be data such as email in exchange for some valuable information

Of course I know you’ll design the CTA’s beautifully, just be sure they are shown on all pages and give clear instructions on where clicking the button will take you.

The content should flow together with the strategic web design

When words and design are being properly use, magic happens! Have you ever seen a poorly designed website but the copy is completely on point? Or vice-versa, the design is awesome but copy sucks.

Neglecting one or both can send your client visitors away from the website fast. Be sure the strategic web design flows well with the words that are being displayed with it.

And if your client needs content written, get in touch with a copywriter ASAP before you design.

Design is here to stay

I’m sure we’ve all heard that a website need to be more than just a pretty design. There are also marketing experts that take it a step further by stating,design isn't needed to sell your product/services.

It’s a pretty hot topic, as I chatted about this in another podcast episode.

Although I do agree a website need to be more than pretty or eye-catching, I don’t think eliminating design altogether is ideal. As long as the website is strategically designed your client will love the results it bring!

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