“How To Build a Business That Supports Your Life” with Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn is a well known successful web designer. Listen to her tips of how she manages her business without allowing it to control her life so you can do the same. | Business women | Mindset | Web Design Business | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Creative Entrepreneur | Graphic Design Tips | Web Design Tips | Web Design Inspiration | WordPress Theme Design | Podcast

In this week's episode I'm interviewing Erin Flynn web designer and educator. Erin and I chat about the importance of having a business that fits your lifestyle along with money blocks that can occur when raising your prices.

I have been on Erin's email list for sometime and was pretty happy to be referred to her from fellow developer and previous podcast guest Krista Rae.

If you're in need of some tips on keeping a business/life balance then this episode is definitely for you! Follow me on Instagram @passioncrushcode


  • Erin's Story - Background  [0:01:12]
  • Her new make $10,000 websites coaching program [0:05:47]
  • How to build a business that supports your life [0:08:02]
  • How to get over money blocks around raising prices [0:10:30]
  • #1 Way to find and keep consistent clients [0:15:37]
  • Mini Challenge[0:20:48]

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