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How To Create a Mock-up That’ll Make Your Developer Happy

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This month we’ve discussed various aspects of the web design process. Things like important questions to ask on the client questionnaire, how to collect content on time and research tips to use when gathering info about the client’s business. Now let’s get into the designing a mock-up stage. Okay I know I’m being a little silly…

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How Payments Are Handled When Working With a Developer

Always wondered how payments are handled between you the designer, your client and the developer? Check out this post for more details. And grab a free cheat sheet to guide you through the entire designer/developer process! | Web Design Business | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Creative Entrepreneur | Web Design Layout | Graphic Design Tips | Web Design Tips | WordPress | WordPress design

There is a bit of confusion around how payment works between the three parties (designer, developer and client) involved in the custom web design process. In this post I’ll discuss how payments are handled when working with a developer. If you list your prices online, I highly recommend that you include the cost of development…

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