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As a designer, you have a lot to take on when it comes to managing your clients. From working on the business side to working with clients, it can get a bit stressful.

Often times this is before you get to the part where you shine: designing. So in this post I want to tell you why it’s absolutely okay to collaborate with a web developer.

Take the pressure off from dealing with code

As I mentioned before, you have enough to tackle in your design business. I’m sure finding a way to eliminate even the smallest task, that’ll give you some relief would be nice. Especially when it comes to the development part of web design.

You may or may not know how to code but regardless it’s not something you want to handle. Imagine being able to focus on just designing the site.

Then handing over the necessary files to your web developer. Other than waiting on the finished results to celebrate, the pressure is off and you are done!

Increase profits while you focus on your passion

Did you know that you can actually make a profit by hiring a web developer for custom web design projects? A fellow web developer and I discuss this in more detail on one of my podcast episodes. You’ll also find info in the designer and developer collaboration mini course.

But here’s a quick example.

You normally charge $1000 for a basic premade theme customization. But you discover the client needs a custom design and the premade theme will not cut it.

Now you know you’ll need to hire a web developer (their price start off @ $1500) to bring that custom design to life. So the cost where it stands is at $2500 for the client.

BUT since they are getting a strategic custom design you can charge more. In fact up to thousands more depending on what you are offering. Regardless, that extra money is your profit to keep!


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Working with a web developer saves you time

Similar to how partnering with a web developer can eliminate pressure, you also save time. For those that do code, can get stumped and/or frustrated with the process. Especially when the very last thing you need to do is to get everything built out to be finished.

Also even with customizing a pre-made theme, you may come across a tweak or two that could use some code. This is why having a web developer on hand to handle coding tasks can be highly useful.

While she is hammering away with building out your client’s website, you’re saving time. That's minutes and hours that will be added to your day to delegate elsewhere.

But what if I’ve never worked with a web developer before? Is there a way to start off small?

I can understand how scary it can be when you start to do anything new. Even more so when it comes to new changes for my business.

You can search for web developers that offer training courses to get you comfortable with the idea of partnering with one as well as offer smaller services.

In addition to my own course, I offer a small service plan for designers who may need to test the waters. This way you can see if my service will work for you and if so move on to a bigger project.

Interested? Then come break the ice with me!


Have you ever worked with a web developer as a designer? If not, why? And if yes, share with us your experience!

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