How to Dig Deep to Find Your Sparkle Factor – with Reina Pomeroy

Reina Pomproy is a coach for creative entrepreneurs. Learn some key tips on keeping a positive mindset as well as how to stand out in a crowded market. | #Marketing tips | #Client Attraction | #Web Design Business | #Web Designer | #Graphic Designer | #Mindset | #Web Design Layout | #Graphic Design Tips | #Web Design Tips | #Wordpress Design

I’m super pumped to introduce to you, today’s guest! Reina Pomeroy is a coach for creative entrepreneurs over at ReinaandCo. She's the owner of the Fueled with ❤️ Facebook group and one half of the creative empire podcast.

I literally added Reina to my bucket list of women to meet almost 22 months ago. I never would’ve thought my first time meeting her would be for an interview on my show.

We chat about work life balance, ways to get out of hustle mode, finding your sparkle factor and more!

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  • Reina's Story - Background  [0:01:35]
  • How To Find Your Sparkle Factor [0:09:10]
  • Life Hack For Improving Yourself [0:013:19]
  • What success means [0:16:20]
  • Staying "Heart Centered" In Your Business [0:19:32]
  • Mini Challenge[0:23:05]

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