3 Reasons Why Goal Setting is Important for Your Design Business

A new year always bring on a fresh start for most. We set resolutions during the month of December and eagerly await the the new year to see them become a reality.

Although I’m not into New Year's resolutions, I do believe strongly in goal-setting and taking action to achieve them. This can be for anything such as personal, family goals,etc. However for this post I’m going to give you 3 reasons why goal setting is important for your design business.

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#1 Goal-setting helps you stay focused

As a designer you already wear many hats and it’s easy to let your business goals slip to focus on client work. However without actually setting that goal and taking the necessary action, the desire is just a dream. Putting goals in place for your business ensures you’ll actually achieve them.

#2 Goal setting holds you accountable

Sometimes the goals we set may not be achieved at that time and that’s okay. Keeping yourself accountable by tracking these goals can help you in the future. Or help you figure out why you failed a goal. And you don’t have to necessarily do this alone.

Share your goal with a business bestie, partner or coach, this way when or if you start to give up, you have someone to keep you on track. Another option is to have a goal-setting session with a person you trust. This way you both hold each other accountable.

goal setting for designers

3. Goal-setting keeps you motivated

There is nothing more satisfying than making progress towards a BIG goal. Setting smaller goals and completing them can give you that satisfying feeling often. And who doesn’t want that? In addition completing these tasks will help you move forward faster because you know your dream is right around the corner.

So what's next?

Now you know why it’s important to set goals for your business. But what’s next? It’s time to start setting that big goal for the year!

And I want to give you a tool to help make the goal setting process easy as possible. It’s my goal-setting mini planner created just for designers.

You’ll receive my Trello Goal Setting for Designers board that you can use to set a goal for the year. Then take action by listing tasks needed to achieve it weekly and monthly. I’ve even added detailed instructions on how to breakdown this goal into smaller goals so you smash them with ease.

Also included is a matching goal setting and brain dump printable. I know there are some who prefer one method over the other (digital or paper planner) so I wanted to be sure both options were available.

I actually like to use both. I write my thoughts on paper and then transfer the created tasks to Trello. Regardless of which method you prefer the mini planner got you covered.

goal setting for designers

Happy goal setting!

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