“How Collaborating with a Developer Can Increase Profits for Your Design Business” – Krista Rae

Fellow web developer Krista Rae and I chat about how collaborating with a developer as a web designer not only saves you time but also increasing profits. Click to find out more! | Web Design Business | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Creativeentrepreneur | Web Development | Graphic Design Tips | Web Design Tips | WordPress | WordPress design | Web Design Process
In this episode we have Krista Rae who provides strategic WordPress development services for designers. About a year and a half ago after following Krista for a while, I finally got up the nerves to reached out for a coffee chat. So happy I did because she's now a guest on my podcast. And it's women developers like her that give me inspiration to do what I do!


We'll be discussing details about how she manages her time as a new mom, her journey of success and failure, designer/developer collaboration details and more.

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  • Krista's Story - Background¬† [0:01:14]
  • Balancing Business & New Mom Life [0:04:03]
  • How Offering Custom Web Design can Increase Profits [0:07:33]
  • How to Overcome Fear of Working with a Developer [0:11:44]
  • Tips on How To Land Custom Web Design Clients [0:14:13]
  • Mini Challenge[0:23:49]

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