How Payments Are Handled When Working With a Developer

There is a bit of confusion around how payment works between the three parties (designer, developer and client) involved in the custom web design process.

In this post I'll discuss how payments are handled when working with a developer.

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If you list your prices online, I highly recommend that you include the cost of development in your price as well as when sending your client a quote. Why?

The client only want to know the total cost they will be paying for the website. They do not understand (sometimes don't care about) the cost of development and if you ask them to pay this separately it can cause some frustration.

Most developers prefer to be paid by the designer.


Here's how it works:


The designer sends the invoice to the client, this amount should include the 50% deposit many developers require before performing work. Once paid, you then pay the developers invoice.

After the final revision has been approved by both you and the client, the remaining 50% will be due before the site is transferred over to the client's hosting.

At this point, you would invoice the client and then pay the developer. The payment process can take a bit getting use to. But it will get easier after working with a developer on a few projects.

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