How to create a web design strategy for your clients that get them results – with Ashley DeLuca

Ashley Deluca is a web designer who build strategist websites. Learn some key tips on how you can create websites that provide results for your web design client. | #Webdesignstratgey | #Clientattraction | #Webdesignbusiness | #Webdesigner | #Graphicdesigner | | #Webdesignlayout | #Graphicdesigntips | #Webdesigntips | #Wordpressdesign

In this episode we have Ashley DeLuca whose a web designer and digital marketing strategist for creative entrepreneurs.

Ashley has been creating strategic web designs over at Ashley K for over 5 years and is the co-owner of the Be Boss Girl group.

If you are looking for web design strategy tips then this episode was created just for you!


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  • Ashley's Story [0:01:40]
  • How To Create a Web Design Strategy For Your Clients  [0:05:40]
  • 1st Important Steps of The Web Design Process [0:06:43]
  • Effective Tricks to Make Designing Easier [0:08:41]
  • How To Stay Organized When Working With a Developer [0:11:17]
  • Mini Challenge[0:13:08]

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