“How to Differentiate Your Business So You’re Not Competing on Price Alone” -Lauren Black

Lauren Black is a brand designer and marketing strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Learn how to stand out amoung the sea of other designers. | Web Design Business | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Creativeentrepreneur | Marketing Tips | Graphic Design Tips | Web Design Tips | WordPress | WordPress design| Strategist
In this episode we have Lauren Black who's a graphic designer turned creative strategist.  I hired her for my own business and have truly enjoyed the entire process. I walked away with a sense of clarity and purpose.


You'll get a taste of what she has to offer as she shares with us her story of success, trials and errors and juicy tips on how to stand out without having to be the cheapest prices in your industry.

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  • Lauren's Story - Background  [0:01:36]
  • Balancing Business & Family [0:02:54]
  • How To Choose the Best Idea [0:04:08]
  • What success means [0:08:48]
  • The Point of Differentiation Method [0:10:30]
  • Mini Challenge[0:23:21]

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