Top 5 Takeaways I’ve Learned From the Women I’ve Interviewed -Shereta Dupree

I've interviewed some of the top successful business women in the design and tech industry. Hear my top 5 takeaways that has drastically changed my business. | Business women | Mindset | Web Design Business | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Creative Entrepreneur | Graphic Design Tips | Web Design Tips | Web Design Inspiration

Well its that time again. Although the idea originally frightened me, I'm committed to recording a solo every 5th episode.

For those of you that are following along with my podcast journey, I thought it would be good to talk about what I've learned so far from the amazing women that came on my show.

I've recorded quite a few episodes since changing the direction of my podcast and boy has it been a fun ride!

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  • Takeaway #5 [0:01:23]
  • Takeaway #4 [0:02:18]
  • Takeaway #3 [0:03:10]
  • Takeaway #2 [0:05:33]
  • Takeaway #1 [0:07:04]
  • Mini Challenge [0:09:17]

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