Never Worry About Where Your Next Client Will Come From Again

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As a designer trying to running a profitable and successful design business can be extremely tough. It’s not enough to just create great design work and hope that clients will come. You have to do a bit more to market yourself.

And not to get any ole client but one that makes you excited to get up in the morning! Checkout these 3 reasons why after attending this free summit, you will never worry about where your next client comes from again.

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Create package deals that convert like crazy

Coming up with the right offering can get a bit frustrating. You'll probably have questions like: What design services should I put in the package deal? How should I be pricing these?

Hear from experts Katie Price and Erin Flynn as they answer these questions and more. You’ll learn how to price according to the value and skill set you have to offer your clients. Along with knowing exactly the amount of money you need to bring in each month so you can set your price accordingly.

Attract dreamy clients in your design business

What can be just as worse as not having any clients at all? Working with nightmare clients who don’t see your worth. Not only does this lead to low confidence in yourself and the design business, it can also make you lose any passion you had for the project. Thus causing you to not produce your best work.

Branding expert Britney Jeanine, will give you tips on how to maintain confidence and start saying NO to those clients that you are not in alignment with. While Melissa Burkeimer will teach you how to create a sales page that pulls in your dream clients.

Create steady income

Another common issue is ensuring your income flow comes in steadily. Especially during slow seasons when clients may not be looking for design services. Also the stress of juggle working on your design business while still needing to work in your business can be enough to make you want to give up.

I’d suggest you don’t though. Marketing expert Kyla Roma, will teach you how to build a wait-list of clients and consistently attract them so you are never wondering where you next project will come from.

Why the simply profitable designer summit?

So you’re probably thinking: “This sounds great! But what’s the difference from other summits I’ve attended?”

I’ll give you two big differences - the summit (hosted by Krista Rae of was created specifically for designers and tons of action is involved.

With the All-Access pass option you get an action step guide, live implementation parties to put into action what you’ve learned from the experts, a co-working day, bonuses and more.

You deserve a life filled with dreamy clients without the stress of competing against a sea of other designers in your industry. Change your design business by signing up for this summit today!

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